Halle Berry Bikini Pictures Shooting Dark Tide in South Africa

Pics: Halle Berry Wears a Bikini Under Her Wetsuit Shooting With Sharks in South Africa

Halle Berry headed out into the bay off the coast of Seal Island, South Africa, today to continue shooting Dark Tide. She wore a string bikini underneath her wetsuit as sharks swam close to her boat, though the actress was surrounded by trained professionals to make sure she stayed safe. Halle started work on the movie earlier this week and was spotted getting her sea legs yesterday with costar Olivier Martinez. She has been prepping for this project for months, which included showing off her perfectly toned two-piece body during long walks on the beach — the hot mom made it far in our swimsuit bracket, but now it's down to Aniston vs Decker. Halle's ready to take on the intense scenes, but at the end of the day she's lucky enough to have Nahla and Gabriel close to keep her company.

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