Halle Berry Fighting For Custody of Daughter Nahla Aubry

Halle Berry Returns to Court With New Developments in Her Child Custody Case

Halle Berry joined a friend in LA Tuesday.

Halle Berry joined a friend for a visit to the LA Design Center yesterday. It looks like she might be considering a new project for her home, but Halle's number one priority at the moment seems to be finalizing a custody agreement with her ex Gabriel Aubry. The former partners have been going back and forth in court for several months over issues involving the care of their daughter, Nahla. Halle's latest claim surfaced yesterday when her lawyers submitted court documents alluding that Gabriel allegedly put Nahla's safety at risk. Nahla spent time with both parents recently; she went shopping with Gabriel in Santa Monica over the weekend and then Nahla played at a park with Halle on Monday. Halle's dropped out of numerous projects this year to focus on her personal life, though she's getting back to work and will reportedly start shooting Cloud Atlas in Europe this Fall.