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Happy 21st Mary-Kate and Ash!! Hooray for Leggings!!

OMG, you guys!!! The girls weren't showing any Olsen Teeth around LA yesterday, but this is even better. It's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's 21st Birthday!!!! Remember all the way back when there were countdowns to their 18th? Now they're all growed up. Other than the actual growing aspect (hehe, I love them). They were such tiny little babies at the beginning of Full House -- Joey, Jesse, Danny, DJ, Steph, Rebecca, Nicky, Alex and Comet must be sooooo excited to celebrate with the girls tonight. I hope the twins get all the leggings, brick shoes, enormous bags, and Starbucks their little hearts desire! My afternoon coffee will be in honor of MK & Ash today (who am I kidding, it always is). Cheers, Michelle Tanners!



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