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Happy Birthday Drew!!!

Guess we now know why Drew and Cameron were heading out of LAX. The two are in Hawaii celebrating Drew's 32nd birthday! Drew is displaying her free-loving, fun-with-nature spirit that she always talks about. She tells Jane Magazine she got her wood-nymphy ways from her dad. While he wasn't the best father in the world she says she's glad that she has someone in her life who's such a free spirit. Here's more:

“My dad was a free bird and didn’t want to be a dad—he was gone from the start. Somehow I grasped that as a kid and didn’t hate him for it. I still don’t. I loved the way he was such a lover of things. I would visit him, and he’d talk about how when he went on his 4 a.m. walk, he could feel the blades of grass under his feet and could tell which ones were broken. When he said that, it brought up an emotion of, ‘I’m just glad there’s someone in the world like this—a real free spirit.’ Even though he was a hippie, he was a f*ckin’ rascal. I like that combination because I can only take peace and meditation for so long. I want a little bit of mischievousness.”

Drew has obviously been able to find a balance between the two. We love that she isn't too much of a hippie to be annoying, but just enough to set her apart from everyone else! For more pics of Drew and her mystery man frolicking on the beach just read more








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