Lucky Sienna Miller and her bold eyebrows are definitely on Anna Wintour's good side, because they scored the coveted September cover of Vogue. We caught a glimpse of Sienna on location in Rome back in the beginning of July, and here is the shoot in all its splendor, including the swanlike cover photo. The article follows Sienna on her whirlwind glamorous life, but at the end of the day, Sienna just likes to be happy and have fun. She says of herself:

I'm free-spirited and it gets me into trouble. It's hard to be yourself and be accepted in the world I move in. I look around and see a lot of miserable people. But I'm really happy.

Never let it be said that Sienna doesn't love to have a little fun with whomever around is up for the good time. Can't knock a girl for loving life, right?

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