Heidi Klum Halloween Party Pictures 2011

Heidi Klum Rolls Into Her Halloween Bash in an Anatomically Correct Costume

Heidi Klum's Halloween party in Las Vegas.

Heidi Klum hit the red carpet for her Halloween party at Tao in Las Vegas last night. She made a grand entrance on a stretcher in her elaborate "Visible Woman" outfit, which had to be partially painted on her body and took hours to complete. We got a sneak peek at Heidi's Halloween costume this week and she also revealed a second, much hairier, dressed up look. Heidi will apparently be wearing a monkey suit to her bash in NYC on Monday, though she hasn't given away what her husband, Seal, will be wearing. Heidi goes all out for her annual events and has become well known for her over-the-top getups, including last year's sexy robot look. As we wait for the actual holiday tomorrow, check out all the celebrity Halloween costumes so far!

Source: Film Magic