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For Heidi and Seal, Nudity is Always Eeeeen

Jan 29 2007 - 4:56pm

When you're a supermodel or married to one, is there any reason why not to plaster your home with naked pictures of yourself? It would appear that is Heidi and Seal's MO when decorating their home, at least. Rumor has it that any guests of the couple are confronted with tasteful but aggressive nude portraits [1] immediately upon entering the home. Sounds sexy. And in case you're curious about what Seal is bringing to the table, let's just say that guests are impressed. TMI? Sorry.

I'm sure that Heidi's daughter Leni will be particularly pleased with the photos when she starts bringing boys back to the house and they just ogle at the giant nude pics of her mom.

For more of Heidi shoe shopping with her daughter, Leni, just

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