Henry Cavill and Amy Adams Interview June/July 2013 Cover

Amy Adams on Strict Diets and Early Workouts: "I Just Don't Have It in Me"

Amy Adams and Henry Cavill covered Interview's June/July issue for their upcoming movie Man of Steel. 
Source: Mikael Jansson/Interview

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams cover the June/July issue of Interview, which will be available on newsstands on June 18. Inside the issue, Amy and Henry separately discussed their characters, Lois Lane and Superman, and the excitement and work behind the return of their comic book movie. Henry also chatted about his onscreen chemistry with Amy, who shared details on her disdain for early morning workouts and strict diets. Man of Steel hits the big screen this Friday, but first, here's more from Henry Cavill and Amy Adams in Interview:

  • Henry on getting the Superman role: "It was incredibly exciting — I remember looking in the mirror and going 'I'm Superman.' But it was also one of those things where you go, 'This isn't winning the lottery — it's getting a lottery ticket. Now I've got to work out which numbers to scratch . . .'"
  • Amy on Lois Lane: "What I like about Lois and Clark, too — and what I think we've preserved — is that there is this sort of throwback, gal Friday feel to her, that she exists in a man's world and she's still extremely feminine. It was important to me because I do believe that you don't have to act like a man to be strong. You can still be feminine. I've always really loved action films, but I don't see myself as a superhero girl, so my Lois is a mere mortal — full of imperfections. She's someone I identify with. So this was an opportunity to be in a genre film without having to train — which was a positive thing."
  • Amy on her appearance: "I always want to defeat supervillians — it's just the chicken-and-broccoli diet that I'm not into. I have a small child, so the idea of getting up at 3 a.m. to train before a day of shooting . . . I just don't have it in me, although I have so much respect for people who do."
  • Henry on Superman: "He can never really cry in a heaving, sobbing, emotional way, or beat his fists against the wall in anger, or laugh uncontrollably, or have passionate sex, or hold someone so tight you feel like you could squeeze them to death — because he will."