Confession: I love the Klum-Samuel family. Heidi was out with her two oldest kiddies Henry and Leni yesterday who, once again, were clearly allowed to dress themselves. No outright costumes this time, but obviously Heidi and Seal are all about the self expression. Heck, when your mom is maybe the biggest Supermodel in the world clearly some of that fashion expertise has to be passed down. The lucky kids spent their afternoon partying away at Pink Taco to help celebrate Brooklyn Cruz's birthday. Fun! Mom Heidi always puts a big old smile on my face, but TV Heidi is a favorite as well and tonight is an exciting one in the world of Auf Wiedersehens. It's the Season 4 Project Runway finale! Fab and Buzz have been sharing their favorite looks for the season, but who do you think is going to take home the win?

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