Hilary Duff spent her weekend around sunny LA looking casual shopping solo on Saturday before picking up Mike and some enormous flowers — perhaps for a special mom on Mother's Day? California transplant Hilary talked to LA Confidential in their new issue about War Inc. and what growing up in Texas had to do with the real scorpion she had in her pants - wow and eww. Here are some highlights:

  • On dropping a live scorpion down her pants: It was so scary. I grew up in Texas, and we had plenty of scorpions, but I never had to put one down my pants before. And my pants weren’t that baggy, so I couldn’t get any space. I did it a couple times with it going down my leg and it was terrifying. The little thing kept doing backbends because it obviously didn’t want to go in my pants, you know? Everyone on the set was cheering!
  • On her new role: When I read the script I knew I was ready for it. So I was really excited. Then it all sets in: Oh God, I have to have this foul mouth, be this rude and crude girl who tries to be sexy but she’s so young and kind of vulgar. But I think I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t really care. [...] I think I am kind of a good girl. I want my fans to still be there, and I do things for them. But I also want to grow, and for people to see me in a different way. I need to make myself happy. It’s a challenge.

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  • On working with John Cusack and Sir Ben Kingsley: I’m really not shy at all, and since I’ve been working for such a long time, I’ve learned that when it’s time to not be shy, I go into autopilot or something. Being there with all of them.... They didn’t know what to expect of me and I didn’t know what to expect of them. We became such good friends.
  • On this movie being different than her usual: I think that’s going to be a lot of people’s reaction.... Not really knowing what they’re getting into. It’s definitely interesting and creative.

Between her movie roles and her serious relationship, Lizzie Maguire is all grown up. Thankfully it seems like Hilary has kept her head on her shoulders and is more than excited to show everyone her more adult side too.

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