Hilary Duff is on the cover of Cosmo Girl this month looking cute and confident. In the issue she opens up about a lot of things including her weight loss last year. It's always nice to see celebrities address these issues head on. Here's more:

“I have the same insecurities about my body that every girl has and I made a conscious choice to get in shape. I've always been a junk food eater, but I started paying more attention to what I put in my body and cut out foods like pizza, chicken fingers, and French fries. If I knew I'd want dessert one night, I wouldn't have bread that day. If I wanted to eat bread, I wouldn't have dessert. Seeing how well it worked motivated me to keep going, but I hit a period when I got too skinny. I wasn't too obsessed with it, but I did learn that there have to be days when you just don't think about it."

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