With all the controversy surrounding Nicole Richie lately, we almost forgot that Joel Madden had another serious girlfriend before he went and knocked up Nicole. However, in this month's issue of Seventeen, Hilary Duff reminds us of the two year relationship she had with Joel - and she's making her feelings about him loud and clear. Here's more:

On the breakup with Joel:
“All of the going out he did after we broke up sort of shocked me. Like, that’s just so out of character for him, and when we were together, he hated stuff like that, so I felt like I just really didn’t know him as well as I thought I did.”

On Joel dating Nicole Richie:
“With the amount of time that we had invested in each other, I felt disrespected that he moved on so quickly…But some people don’t want to deal with how they feel, so they cover it up. Rebound! I shouldn’t say that. You know what, though? Now I don’t care.”

We can't blame Hilary for being shocked and hurt by Joel, but based on recent events, it looks like she got out of that relationship just in time. Besides, between her awesome bikini body and potential new hot man, we'd say that Hilary is doing just fine for herself these days.

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