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Hilary Stalker Gets a Short Stint in Jail

Hilary may not have Joel to protect her anymore, but we bet she is feeling a lot safer again these days. She even took a ride in this completely unstalker-proofed electric car with Haylie. That may be because Friday Maksim Myaskovskiy was sentenced to 117 days in jail and five years probation for stalking her. Back in October he evidently threatened to kill her and she and then boyfriend Joel took out a restraining order against him. The case against her second alleged stalker was evidently just a misunderstanding and dismissed. There's obviously more to this than we know but when you think of it, 117 days isn't very much time at all. In stalker time, it's like nothing. So you probably won't see Hil riding around in any door-less cars when he gets out in a few months.

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