I know — sorry so cheesy, but with the big news that last night's season finale isn't really the end of The Hills, well, you can sense the excitement here on the Sugar sites since we love to cover this not-so-reality show. We know LC heads to Paris next but now we don't have to wait until next fall to see what happens. Other exciting news, it seems as if maybe Heidi might be realizing Spencer is really the biggest DB ever. Could the wedding really be off? Is the couple finished? They didn't even walk the red carpet together last night and we know Spencer loves to be photographed so it must be serious. Also anyone else think it's weird that Heidi wore the same dress THIS past weekend in Vegas. Hello? Who does that in Hollywood?

As for Brody, obviously he and Lauren are not in love like she was with Jason. Can't blame her since even though he's a cutie, that hat is ridic and he loves to date the ladies who can provide him screen time on a reality show. I guess everyone has a type. Anyway, before we have quizzes of fun times to play on the other sites, did you enjoy the live finale and are you excited about more Hills coming soon?

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