All the girls — Whitney, Audrina, LC . . . and Mariah Carey — came out in Times Square last night to celebrate the much-anticipated premiere of the new season of The Hills. Noticeably absent, of course, was one Miss Heidi Montag, or should I say future Mrs. Pratt. I think we can all agree that she's not much of a feminist hero, but it was pretty awesome when she kicked Spencer to the curb last night — even if we know their breakup didn't exactly stick. The showdown between Heidi and Spencer in Crested Butte (heh) was just the beginning.

Lauren and Whitney finally got to take their trip to Paris to help Teen Vogue with the Crillon Ball. There was drama (as we already knew) with Brody and his new girlfriend back in LA, but it was out of sight out of mind as she got her midnight motorcycle ride around Paris after the ball. Very romantic, no? But then it was "back to reality," as Whitney said, and the girls headed back to LA — and to all the drama that has yet to unfold, including, ugh, more Stephanie Pratt. What did you think: Still loving The Hils?

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Images include: Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad, Mariah Carey, Whitney Port