Hiya, Shia

Good news for all Shia LaBeouf fans - it appears his hair has responded well to Molly's letter! Shia's hair was looking much cuter this morning in NYC that we'll even let it slide that his sweater is clearly two sizes too big. He's making the rounds to get ready for the big premiere of Transformers next week. When asked what he would like to transform into, Shia said:

"I want to be Zac Efron so I can be in 'Hairspray.'"

Hmm, really Shia? We just have a few issues with this statement: first of all, clearly Shia missed the memo about everyone knowing he's going to be the bigger superstar of tomorrow. Secondly, it's definitely a little too soon for Shia to be making hair references - he only just recovered from last week's mishap. And thirdly, there's something about the vision of John Travolta singing and dancing alongside the tattooed, brooding Shia that doesn't jive with us - but I guess that's where the whole "transformation" would come in.





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