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Single on Valentine's Day? We've Picked Out a Few Dream Dates

Feb 14 2014 - 9:34am

Valentine's Day is on Friday. If you're in a relationship, you might be engaging in almost as much PDA as our favorite kissing celebrities [1]. If you're single, you can always shun the romance and treat yourself on Valentine's Day [2]. But what about those of us who want a hot date? Well, we've got just the ticket. These hot celebrity guys are either single or haven't quite put a ring on it, and we think they'd make for pretty perfect valentines . . . even if only in our dreams.

Source: Universal Pictures [3], Getty [4]

Tom Hiddleston

You'll definitely be up all night to get Loki when it comes to Tom.

Ian Somerhalder

They don't call it a smolder for nothing.

Robert Pattinson

Come on. Look at the smirk.

Chris Evans

We're just going to go ahead and leave this here.

Michael Fassbender

Have you heard the rumors? He has a huge . . . amount of self-confidence.

Source: GQ [5]

Alexander Skarsgard

Look, he even has a romantic date idea!

Michael B. Jordan

That awkward moment when you can't stop thinking about those muscles.

Henry Cavill

That jaw is just so chiseled. And those eyes are so piercing.

Zac Efron

If you're lucky, he might even serenade you (and perform a sexy dance [6] sequence) at the end of the night.

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