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Every Baseball Fan Can Appreciate These Memorable Derek Jeter Moments

Jul 15 2014 - 3:16am

Derek Jeter's two decade long career with the New York Yankees will come to an end this year when he retires from professional baseball at the end of the season. Longtime Jeter sponsor, Nike [1], is starting the farewells early and released a tribute ad for the athlete this week. The touching video [2] features fans, as well as celebrities, including Jay-Z [3] and Billy Crystal, tipping their hat to Jeter. We'd like to tip our hat too, and take a look at "The Captain's" hottest moments through the years — and not just in uniform. Start scrolling to see all the times the baseball star has looked super hot.

When He's Winning.

When He's Stretching.

And Smirking.

And Smiling.

Like This . . .

. . . And Like This.

When He's Serious.

Super Serious.

From Behind. Hot.

Let's See That Again.

When He's Goofing Around.

Even When He's Shaving.

In a Hoodie.

In These Headphones.

And This Chain.

Even In These Glasses.

OK, sort of.

Front Row at Fashion Week. Hot.

Standing at a Podium. Hot.

Speaking Into a Mic.

Can we be that mic?

At an NBA Game.

Watching Another Fashion Show.

Holding a Bat.

Wearing a Mitt.

Holding a Golf Club.


Definitely Hot in Red.

Crouching. Again.

When He Was a Cute Boyfriend.

Even though you weren't his girlfriend.

This Face.

And This Face.

This One Too.

We Don't Mind This, Either.

When He Said Hi to Rudy Giuliani.

And Hung Out With Jay-Z.

When He Appeared on TRL.

And Made a Cameo on Seinfeld.

When He's Running.

And Hitting.

Also, When He's Running.

And When He's Crossing His Arms.

Who Needs a Uniform, Really?

Although We Really Enjoy the Uniform.

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