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101 Justin Timberlake Moments You'll Never Forget

Jul 2 2014 - 4:32am

Who could forget the way Justin Timberlake [1] looked up and smirked after he was cut from his puppet strings and fell in *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" video? It's been more than 20 years since Justin first came into the spotlight, and following Justin's supersuccessful 2013 [2], it's safe to say he's at the very top of his game. Thanks to his SNL hosting gigs, his Jimmy Fallon [3] skits, multiple movie roles, and all the new music, fans have enjoyed plenty of memorable moments lately. And this week, he made it to number four on the 2014 POPSUGAR 100 [4] list! In celebration of all the Justin buzz, take a long, wonderful look at 101 Justin Timberlake moments superfans know and love.

Source: Getty / RJ Capak [5]

When he hit the MMC stage with his first love.

When he exchanged this glance with your other dream boyfriend.

When he introduced you to his hometown.

When he looked at you (you swear!) during your first *NSYNC concert.

When he really rocked that white tee.

Source: RCA Records [6]

When he showed off his basketball skills.

Source: RCA Records [7]

When he decided to wear tinted glasses.

When he gazed at you via this poster on your wall.

When he dropped and smiled in the "Bye Bye Bye" video and your heart STOPPED.

Source: RCA Records [8]

When he had his puppet moment.

And looked a little like a Ken doll.

Source: RCA Records [9]

When he cuddled up with Britney at the 2000 MTV VMAs.

When they made denim-on-denim history.

When he got all "Dirty Pop."

Source: RCA Records [10]

When *NSYNC performed for the Super Bowl halftime show with Britney and Aerosmith.

When he took home a Teen Choice Award and you maybe voted.

When this close-up made you weak in the knees.

Source: RCA Records [11]

When he performed on the Today show and you loved him despite his pants.

When he wore this hat and you decided you'd be OK with it.

When this smirk left you swooning.

Source: RCA Records [12]

When he cut his hair and you were totally into it.

When he performed "Like I Love You" at the 2002 MTV VMAs.

When he released "Cry Me a River" and you felt emotional.

Source: RCA Records [13]

When he was on TRL.

When ohmygod this shirtless thing happened.

And when this shirtless Rolling Stone cover happened, too.

Source: Rolling Stone [14]

When he was channeling a kind of bad-boy vibe.

Source: RCA Records [15]

When he blushed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

When he looked really, really good at the 2002 Billboard Music Awards.

When he danced to "Rock Your Body" and you melted.

Source: RCA Records [16]

When he found a fan in Sean William Scott.

When he was adorably proud at the 2003 MTV VMAs.

When he hit the spotlight at the 2003 GQ Men of the Year Awards.

When he cuddled up with Cameron Diaz at a Lakers game.

When he was part of Nipplegate. Oops?

When he charmed on late night.

When he rocked the 2004 Grammys stage.

And when he earned two Grammys that same year.

When, well, this.

When his 2004 GQ cover hit newsstands.

Source: GQ [17]

When he did the scruffy thing for a while.

When he shaved his head and . . . oh, hey.

When he was all tatted up for Alpha Dog.

Source: A-Mark Entertainment [18]

When he very seriously brought sexy back.

Source: RCA Records [19]

When he performed at the 2006 VMAs.

When he hit the runway for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

When he was all about karma.

Source: RCA Records [20]

When he made the rounds for his FutureSex/LoveShow tour.

When he was making the fedora happen.

When he gave this midperformance smirk at the 2007 Grammys.

When he looked to the camera in the "LoveStoned" video.

Source: RCA Records [21]

And (sigh) when he gave that little smile.

Source: RCA Records [22]

When he busted this move.

Source: RCA Records [23]

When he was all lasers and "LoveStoned" at the 2007 VMAs.

When he made this move in the "Give It to Me" video.

Source: Interscope Records [24]

When he sported a Speedo in The Love Guru.

When he was pictured with David Beckham and the world couldn't deal.

When he suit and tied pre-"Suit & Tie" to host the 2008 ESPYs.

When he and Beyoncé joined forces and you were stunned by their beauty.

When he hit the runway for William Rast.

When his bow-tie style left you blushing.

When he showed off some funny PDA with Jessica Biel.

And you didn't really know whether to laugh or cry.

When he went all fashion-y for the 2009 Met Gala.

When he got tipsy on Saturday Night Live.

When he won an Emmy for his SNL hosting gig and you were so proud.

When he brought denim to the SAGs red carpet in 2010.

When his street style started to get really sexy.

When he looked painfully, extraordinarily good at the 2010 MTV VMAs.

When he made some handsome appearances with his Social Network costars.

When he brought his mom to the Oscars in 2011. (Aw!)

When he looked adorkable in Bad Teacher.

And he pretended he couldn't dance.

When this grabby moment happened at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

When he gave this puppy-dog look in Friends With Benefits.

Source: Screen Gems [25]

And he got all mushy with Mila Kunis.

Source: Screen Gems [26]

And, um, when he smiled like that.

Source: Screen Gems [27]

When he looked all sporty and hot in Trouble With the Curve.

And when he got all real-life sporty on the golf course.

When In Time brought you this shirtless moment.

And when he literally jumped for joy postwedding.

Source: People [28]

When — hello! — he debuted that straight hairstyle in 2013.

When he first released the "Suit & Tie" video.

Source: RCA Records [29]

When his baby blues looked right into your soul.

Source: Target [30]

When he took over the 2013 Grammy Awards.

And was totally at the top of his game.

And absolutely killed it with Jay Z.

When he brought it on down to Veganville.

When his casual Cannes Festival look made your heart stop.

When he joined Jimmy Fallon's quartet.

When he performed for almost 20 MINUTES at the MTV VMAs.


And he looked so, so happy and you were just so, so happy.

When he looked very, very good for his Runner Runner role.

When he appeared in T, The New York Times Style Magazine.

Source: Hedi Slimane/T, The New York Times Style Magazine [31]

When "Mirrors" made for not one but a million Justins.

Source: RCA Records [32]

When he covered GQ like nobody's business.

Source: Sebastian Kim/GQ [33]

When he gave you some serious "tunnel vision."

Source: RCA Records [34]

When he brought Ellen DeGeneres to the People's Choice Awards and they were hilarious.

When he and Jimmy performed "The History of Rap" (again).

When he came to your city for The 20/20 Experience Tour and you maybe cried a little.

And last but definitely not least, when the "TKO" video happened.

Source: RCA Records [35]

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