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How Does It Work?

As I learned at LaserAway (also where Kirbie shot the above video), laser hair removal works by targeting dark, coarse hair follicles, and it does not work on gray or red hair. Laser hair removal leaves your skin undamaged (unless you break the rules) by ceasing hair growth in the targeted follicles. Each session creates a 10 to 15 percent reduction in hair; overall, you can remove about 90 percent of your hair in any desired area.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

LaserAway recommended at least six monthly sessions for permanent hair loss, though your hair growth slows with every treatment. In between visits, you shave your face, and with every session, they increase the power of the laser. That also increased the pain level, but again, only for 45 seconds, and after every session, I noticed less and less hair growing back.

In the end, I did eight sessions, though I could probably use a few more. While most of my 'stache is totally gone, I have two patches on either end where the hair still grows back. Yes, I shave it off, and no, it doesn't grow back thicker. Eventually I will probably spring for a few more sessions to be done once and for all.

Either way, I'm much happier with the way I look (see after shot below), and I certainly don't miss my bimonthly bleaching sessions.

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