Matt Damon is looking younger and better than ever these days while promoting The Bourne Ultimatum overseas in Berlin, but the actor was recently joking about how fatherhood has made him out of shape. He spoke about how he used to work all day and head to the gym at night since he had no reason to get home. Isabella is 14 months old and his whole life has changed as he rushes home now to see his girls before they go to bed. He said:

"I've had the same personal trainer on all the Bourne films but once he left this time, that was it for me and working out because I wanted to get home to see my daughter before she went to sleep.... Towards the end of filming they had to shoot around my belly," Damon jokes. "If you pay close attention you'll see the zipper on my jacket creeping up and up. I had to keep that jacket on."

"Halfway through the movie [director] Paul Greengrass looked at me and said, 'You look terrible,' " says Damon. "I told him, 'I'm sorry. I'm awake all night with the baby,' to which he said, 'No, it's really good. She came along just at the right time – she's really helping your performance,' "

We love that Matt has turned into such a family man. We were always a big fan of him as a fabulous actor but this version makes him even sexier!

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