As I Lay Dying Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival | Photos

James Franco Leans on His Ex For Support at the As I Lay Dying Premiere

James Franco joined up with Ahna O'Reilly and Tim Blake Nelson at the premiere of As I Lay Dying.

James Franco hit the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival last night with his ex-girlfriend and current costar Ahna O'Reilly to premiere their new project, As I Lay Dying. The two were joined by costar Tim Blake Nelson as well as Rosario Dawson, who doesn't star in the film but does share a connection with James as they have both worked with Harmony Korine. (James starred in Harmony's most recent film, Spring Breakers, while Rosario made her film debut in 1995's Kids, which Harmony cowrote.) The premiere was a big deal for James, who also directed the movie. We caught up with Ahna earlier this week in Cannes, where she talked about how excited she was that James asked her to take on the female lead after the two had broken up. She said, "I knew James could get any number of actresses to play that role," adding, "I think he did a tremendous job and I'm so proud of it and proud of him."

Ahna also premiered her new project, Fruitvale Station, at Cannes earlier this week — be sure to check out Ahna, James, and all the other celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival!