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I Still Don't Believe It

I Still Don't Believe It

It seems endless for Nick and Jess and the divorce rumors. Now Perez Hilton has received an email saying that the couple are announcing a split so Jess and Johnny Knoxville can go public. And to top it off, it's Jessica's father is the one who is shopping the story around town (because he's such a pimp like that). I think this is a final attempt at some publicity before their movie comes out, especially since Cooter just told the world to not see the piece of crap movie. They wanted to put a quick stop to that story in the press so they create this one instead.

And finally, I will once again, remain in my naive world that these two are just like any normal couple with some ups and downs. They looked so cute at the Prom, I mean, ESPYs last night.


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