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I want to know: Did you know or just found out???

I would like everyone to answer this, it doesn´t matter if you have just joined in or been here for a while. Whenever you read it I would like you to write your comment:
" I want to know if you knew you were pregnant before doing the test or you just found out "

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ladybug070786 ladybug070786 8 years
there's ALOT of good comments on here if you guys could take a look at my page i posted a blog in 3 diffrent groups but they are all the same with what i'm going through now and give me some advice it would help me SO MUCH i'm just really sad right now
Darling-Nicki Darling-Nicki 8 years
I cant wait till i have a story to tell!!!
Jennifer777 Jennifer777 8 years
My sister figured it out before she took a test. She said "I lost 6 pounds and my boobs got bigger! So I knew something was up."
kiddylnd kiddylnd 8 years
I knew. One day I was at home and all of a sudden I wanted guacamole. I drove straight to the store and bought some of their yummy house made guac and chips. I went straight back home and devoured the whole darn thing. Then I realized - I hate guacamole. I don't like avocados. Yet this was the most delicious thing in the world. All of a sudden it dawned on me. I started talking to my kid right then and there. I took a test a week later, and a few weeks after that the doctor confirmed. He's 9 now. :)
Carla-spain Carla-spain 8 years
You see, every case is different from the other but the great thing is that none of you knew you were pregnant at first. By the way, they are all really funny stories ending beautifully.
manu2007 manu2007 8 years
I didn't know, I notice some strange things. I had cramps like every day before my period so until them everything was normal. But I was going to a wedding and I had some pants that I was going to wear (a woman tuxedo from Alexander McQueen)so I asked my mother to fixed them a little that it felt tight. So she did, I tried them on and they fitted just finne. But them 2 days later on the wedding day when I put them on it felt tight again. I didn't understand what was going on, so I blamed it on my period that was going to come. I left the next day and while in the plane I felt like my period started, but it didn't. When I got home I went to buy a pregnancy test and the result was positive. Why did I buy a pregnancy test?? Well it is a mystery to me, I was not thinking at all about it, we had just started to try and it was imposible in my head that it would be so fast. I didn't have much time to enjoy the ride;)
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 8 years
I didn't know - this is going to sound extremely awful... I had been camping out at Lake Travis for a three day weekend. I think it was Memorial day weekend and a group of us basically moved out to the lake for three days. We were boating and swimming and barbequing and drinking for like three days straight. When the weekend ended I, of course felt sick and chalked it up to hangover city. But when the "hangover" continued into the next few days, I decided I was really sick. I went to the doctor and that's when I found out. I felt awful and told the doctor I had just spent three days of debauchery on the lake and he assured me the baby would be fine, but boy did I feel guilty! :oops:
vmruby vmruby 8 years
Actually no not at that point Carla.She was definitely a most pleasant surprise and we were beyond thrilled .
Carla-spain Carla-spain 8 years
Were you even trying to have a baby vmruby? That must have been a really good surprise!!
Carla-spain Carla-spain 8 years
Carla-spain I know exactly what your mean about those symptoms!!!! Once even my period was five days late, I was so happy but then I was wrong!!
vmruby vmruby 8 years
I had absolutely no clue what was going on until after the I took the home pregnancy test. I honestly thought i had the flu even though i missed a period.Actually it was my neighbor who knew I was pregnant before my husband and i actually did.
butterflyrouge butterflyrouge 8 years
I kinda had a hunch- the main reason I tested was because I had a test leftover from the month before. I had a few symptoms that month, so I just kept testing till my period came. The month I actually was pregnant, my husband just knew. I was too busy to pay much attention to what I was feeling, but I was actually sick for two days before my period was late. I didn't put it together until after I tested positive, though. I did get frustrated by how hard it is to tell what the symptoms are before you test. PMS and pregnancy feel pretty much the same at first, and it's not fair!
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