Ian Somerhalder in Glamour Hot Night In Spread Pictures

Ian Somerhalder Dishes On His Grand Romantic Gestures in a Steamy Glamour Spread

Ian Somerhalder posed for the magazine's April issue.

Ian Somerhalder is featured in April's Glamour, putting his male modeling skills to use for the glossy's "Hot Night In" spread. The latest installment of the magazine features The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence on the cover, but inside, Ian makes the most of his own moment in the spotlight. The Vampire Diaries actor cozies up with a model in bed, makes out with a mannequin, and reveals a sillier side in the pages of the publication. In the accompanying interview, he talks about why he believes in being a nice guy versus a macho man, his Ian Somerhalder Foundation — which supports green efforts — and the most romantic and spontaneous date he's ever devised. He didn't mention his costar and real-life girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, by name when sharing the latter story, but it sounds like she may have been the lucky lady who joined him for the impressive outing. Here are highlights from Ian's interview:

  • On once taking a date for lunch in Paris: "Flying across the ocean for one meal was pretty awesome . . . It paid off!"
  • On his approach to women: "If you are respectful and nice and charming to a woman, it's a better approach. And I don't know what women want. No one knows what women want!"
  • On his passion for the environment: "Kids are meeting in coffee shops and basements figuring out what's unsustainable in their communities. That's the future."