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I'm tired of being fat. Will throwing up my food work?

I'm tired of being fat. Will throwing up my food work?

I'm 167 cm tall, and 180 pounds. My parents constantly tell me that I need to lose weight. My boyfriend claims that I'm not fat, and that he thinks I'm beautiful, but he admits that I should be careful to not gain any more weight.

I'm so desperate to be thin, but I lack the discipline to stay on a diet. I've been fat for five years, always attempting to lose weight. I was with my friend the other day, and to my surprise, after we ate, she went to the bathroom to throw up what she's eaten. Shocked, I asked what was going on.

She explained that once in a while she binges and throws it up. This is surprising because she looks extremely healthy and fit. Eating and throwing up is known as Bulimia, harmful to your esophagus and teeth because of your stomach acids. I've read though, that rinsing your mouth with baking soda after you throw up will cut back on the negative effects on your teeth. And though Bulimia only gets rid of about 50% of the calories that you have eaten, that is still a significant amount.

I'm thinking of throwing up my food if I have larger meals, the way my friend does. She explains that she does it rarely, and always rinses afterwards, and that's why it hasn't taken a toll on her teeth.

Despite the fact that people say it's not worth it, I want to lose weight a lot. Being fat makes me very insecure towards my boyfriend, taking a toll on our relationship, because it makes me feel inferior to my friends and other girls.

Apparently most girls who have bulimia seek control of their lives, but really all I want is to be thinner and happier. Seeking control and things like that- I could hardly care less.

Throwing up food is like an easier way out. Exactly how bad are the effects? Will it really work?

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emac12345 emac12345 5 years
bulimia is not good for your health, so dont do it! i struggle with my weight too, i have a "big boned" structure and being a bit overweight doesnt help the problem. i used to eat very unhealthy, but about a year ago i started eating healthier, much healthier. i still eat some unhealthy food, and i didnt excersize anymore then usual and i lost 30 pounds! with that boost of confidence i have started excersizing and continue to lose the weight. what im trying to say is, bulimia isnt the answer to your problem, just start eating smaller, healthier portion sizes, and try joining sports or getting excersize in other fun ways, and your problem will be gone! i hope this helps (: good luck!
kesh-shugs kesh-shugs 8 years
do not do dat! u'll make urself sik! excercise if u wanna lose weight. please take fallen's advice xoxo
Karma87 Karma87 8 years
Oh, Monday morning unconsciousness. Old post. Lemme go back to the bed.
Karma87 Karma87 8 years
Well damn. Get out the party hats. Fallen and I agree!!!!! I also can't believe this is a real post, but if it is, cripes, listen to Fallen85, please!
Survivor8888 Survivor8888 8 years
No it will not work. As any other problem: eliminate the root of the problem. Practive, perseverance will make perfection. KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly... ;) and.. no shortcut! it won't work!
kelliegonzo kelliegonzo 8 years
i can't believe this is even a real posting. you have GOT to be kidding me.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 8 years
bulimia is an eating disorder, not a habit, and not something that goes along with weight loss like diet and exercise. i have about a billion things to say, but first: even if baking soda did make your teeth better, baking soda won't fix the holes you tear in your esophagus, or all the other painful side effects i've read in comments above. second, i'm coming off having lost 20 pounds. i was in okay shape before but unhappy with my body. i was exercising daily but eating such ridiculous foods that it didn't matter. this january, i made a lifestyle change and you can too, and i lost weight quickly, the healthy way. in addition, i'm hungry much less now because i actually eat a higher volume of food than i did before, but where for dinner i might have had say, chinese takeout, i have a small salad with a low-cal dress, a veggie that i nuke in the microwave and sprinkle a tiny bit of salt/pepper on, a low-sugar oatmeal (delicious!), a protein (i'm a vegetarian so i'm a little different there) and a piece of fruit. that's a ton of delicious food and i maintain a low weight. if you have trouble with dieting, i find it works best to start cutting out things one by one cold turkey, while others find it helpful to just gradually cut back (whatever works for you). once you start losing weight, you will feel better about yourself and it will inspire you to continue with a healthy lifestyle. i cannot stress how beneficial exercise is, not just for weight control! it makes you feel happier, it can put you outside with nature, it clears your head, helps you sleep better, increases your metabolism, on and on. if you find yourself still drawn to bulimia, i would consult a professional, whether it be a dietitian or a representative of a weight loss program, like WW or jenny craig, and have them help you consult a workable plan.
Janine22 Janine22 8 years
Bulimia has serious and severe health risks associated with it. You can die and be unable to stop puking. Please do some research on this eating disorder and do not even consider doing this to your body!!!!!!
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 8 years
I can see the draw to bulimia. It's the laziest damn way to lose weight. You don't have to diet, you don't have to exercise. You just have to be willing to puke a lot. I'm going to start a new slogan: "Bulimia - it's the American way to diet."
honeysugar28 honeysugar28 8 years
Sounds like you've done some research on bulimia. Obviously you've found nothing positive. I agree with JD392 WW is an awesome program you don't feel deprived and eat delicious healthy foods. You can lose weight without resorting to this just commit to working out and eating less and healthier foods. You'll see the pounds melting away and you'll feel good and energetic. How do you think you're gonna feel by making yourself sick all the time. Not to mention you have a boyfriend who loves you and doesn't want to change you. How do you think he'll look at you when you're making yourself barf everytime you eat? If you want to lose weight make a commitment. You will start to see results and that will motivate you so much more!
graldi19 graldi19 8 years
NO NO NO!!! Please DO NOT start because you'll just start an endless downward spiral! Its so addicting and one of the worst things you could possibly do. I was bulimic for over 7 years, and while I did lose weight, its not worth it and I wish i never started throwing up. During the time, i withdrew from friends, became OBSESSED with food and couldnt even live my life. Also, my health majorly deteriorated (you've prob read all of the side effects and dangers...) I'm still in recovery and still obsess and worry, but i've stopped throwing up because I actually gave myself a hernia from vomiting so much (the lining in my stomach tore and my intestines popped out into my lower abdomen) Surgery was so painful and I never want to go through it again. If diets don't seem to be working, make smart lifestyle choices and work out. Theres so much info in books and online about healthy and yummy food choices, fun activities to get your heart rate up and small changes that really make a difference. Also, get a friend to help you out so you don't feel alone. Set small and attainable goals and when you reach them, reward yourself with something other than food (mani/pedi, a hot piece of jewelry, new dvds) You can do this!! Have faith and Don't resort to hurting yourself. Please. If you wanna talk more, feel free to message me. Good luck! xo
jld392 jld392 8 years
DONT DO IT. its actually addicting. i tried to throw up just when i felt like i had overeaten, but that is a very slippery slope. Not to mention the side effects i now have: -extreme heartburn -thin enamel on my teeth (very susceptible to cavaties) -osteoperosis -anxiety after eating -broken blood vessels under the eyes from blood rushing to your head from induced vomiting WORTH NOTING: AFTER YEARS OF BULIMIA I ONLY GAINED WEIGHT!! best diet out there: weight watchers, they teach you to eat right, not diet, its great, you can even do it online. good luck :)
seems-suga seems-suga 8 years
I don't know much about bulimia but I can tell you that I am 5'5" 175, about the same size as you, and I think I look good. I feel for you, that you would want to resort to throwing up. Exercise and eat better. Being thinner by way of bulimia will not make you happier. It will make you sick and your thoughts of happiness will be distorted. Having your parents tell you that you need to lose weight must really hurt. You should think about getting away from them, or telling them how it makes you feel when they say hurtful things.
luisamapacha luisamapacha 8 years
No, it won't work. You can find all the "tricks" you want online, but remember two things: bulemics are rarely skinny, and bulemia can kill you. Instead of "being on a diet", make permanent lifestyle changes. Disconnect cable TV. Buy a bike. Do something active every single day. Start small with a walk around the block. The next day, make two laps, and the next, make three. You get the idea. Ask your parents and friends to refrain from commenting on your weight. Let them know you are taking steps to be healthy, and it does not help to hear them tell you you're overweight. If they won't stop, spend less time with them.
Fallen85 Fallen85 8 years
No, it will tear holes in your esophagus because of the acid, baking soda wont fix that. It will become incredibly painful and could kill you. It may also start tearing holes in your stomach due to having nothing to break down. Also, it will make it so that even if you get skinny (very unlikely) it will become second nature to your body to throw up after you eat. That means that every time you eat you will get stomach aches and need to vomit and if you dont throw up your body will be upset until you do. It's like those girls that lose weight using laxitives. Their bodies become addicted to it and they get completely constipated if they dont take any after they eat. Laxitives technically work but it is horribly painful alot of the time and you become addicted. Also, keep in mind that most of the women that have lost weight using anorexia or bulimia or laxatives were relatively slim before they started. If you lose a vast amount of weight really quickly without alot of exercise then you will have layers of flabby SKIN hanging from your body.. that is way worse then identifying as a curvy woman. Also, if you've been the same size relatively all of your life, like I have been, then thats pretty much just how you're built. It will take ALOT more then throwing up some food to change you. Get to the gym and start eating healthy. Dont try to "diet" just try to eat healthier. Like, 70% of weight loss is food alone. So even if you just start eating more celery and less calories then you will lose weight. Think about this, you lose about 800 calories every day doing nothing. Just from walking around and stuff so if you put a bit more effort into it.. try to lose 500 calories at the gym every day or something then that is 1300 calories already. Try to only eat 1100 calories everyday and you'll lose weight. It doesnt have to be hard and you dont have to lose it fast... just make some sort of effort to change your food ever so slightly and you'll either stay around the same weight (which according to your boyfriend is sexy!) or you'll get smaller. Dont resort to Bulimia. It's stupid and painful. Good luck "Don't fall for someone who's not willing to catch you"

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