Interview with Ann Dexter-Jones, Samantha Ronson's Mom About Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan Being A Cute Couple

Samantha's Mom Dishes on Her Relationship With Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan posed backstage with Samantha and Charlotte Ronson at Charlotte's fashion show in Tokyo earlier today. While she's overseas, lots of not-so-fun news is waiting for LL back in the states. She is being sued by the three men involved in her second DUI, and there are rumors that she's been flirting with Chace Crawford. Lindsay is staying out of the drama by staying close to the Ronson family as usual. Last night their mom, Ann Dexter-Jones, spoke about Samantha and Lindsay on the Chanel red carpet. Here's more:

  • On Sam's grounding influence on LL: "They are a cute couple. Samantha is very grounded, super smart, very grounded and very real. I just think if my daughter is happy I’m happy."
  • On their relationship being scrutinized by the public: "I think it makes it very hard for them. I think it’s hard for anybody. You can't — can’t you have a good old bonding with your other half, and nobody cares? I mean Samantha can handle it. It’s a concern — I’m naturally concerned. As a mother it takes the pleasure away if they get hounded. But it goes with the territory."
  • On her favorite moment spending time with LL and Sam: "Just kicking back. I’ve got a new apartment on 9th street, I just bought a new place. I have 3 chairs and a bed. [laughs] Waiting for the wrecking crew. So they just came over and hung out for hours sitting on these uncomfortable chairs. That means you are having a good time."

Lindsay and Sam are having fun and lucky to have such a loving support system in the entire Ronson family.

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