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Isaiah Tells His Side Of The Story

Last night, Isaiah Washington stopped by Larry King to discuss how an on-set incident last October snowballed into his firing from Grey's Anatomy last month. To be honest, considering how much Isaiah has been running his mouth about this mess, I had zero desire to watch this interview....but I did anyway. What struck me most about the interview (transcript here) was a) the chain of events he told was not the one we've been hearing all along and b) he talked about being gagged by Touchstone, which seems odd since as far as I can tell he's been talking about it a lot.

Isaiah asserted that he never directed the infamous F-word at T.R. Knight and it was instead used in reference to how Patrick Dempsey was treating Washington on set: "To him about how I was feeling. I said there's no way you're going to treat me like a "B" word or a "P" word or the "F" word. You can't treat me this way in front of our crew."

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Isaiah also said that he only used to F-word to imply "someone who is being weak," which is a pretty seriously weak excuse if you ask me. He also made some pretty middle school sounding excuses for Knight and his other cast member's behavior surrounding the indecent. A lot of he-said-she-said nonsense that, even if true, just makes Isaiah look bad. In the end though, he asserted that he regrets not only using the word, but the Golden Globes nonsense. Surprisingly, Isaiah came off well on Larry King (though I hope he moves on now), and if all his allegations are true, it sheds a new light on all this nonsense. What do you think? Did you watch? Did it change your feelings about Isaiah?






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