Isla Chooses Her Favorite Sacha to Date

Pictures of Isla Fisher grocery shopping in LA? I think this officially means she's big. Well, to me she's big at least (and getting bigger, pregnant style?!? Heh). While I heart Isla for her own work (Wedding Crashers -- Don't ever leave me, 'cause I'd fiiiiiind you), interviewers still want to ask about her fiance, Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Borat. Here's a highlight from a recent interview with USA Today:

Q: Are you and Sacha ever going to work together?

A: Never say never, but not right now.

Q: People are curious about you two. What are you always asked?

A: A question I find really stupid is if I'd rather go out with Borat, Bruno or Ali G. One is an anti-Semitic racist with a handlebar moustache. Another is a sexist idiot. And a gay Austrian. How is that a question I can answer?

Clearly from those options, she's gonna have to go with Bruno (the gay Austrian), but something tells me that Isla is just going to stick with Sacha for now.





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