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J Lo is a Good Wife, US Citizen

Apr 3 2007 - 4:26pm

Jennifer took some time out from promoting her album [0] to report to jury duty yesterday in Beverly Hills. Naturally, she looked appropriately glamorous for the occasion. Lucky for her, she won't have to cancel any appearances because the case was dropped [1] the same day. Jennifer is not only happy to fulfill her civic duties, but her marital ones as well. She talks to Entertainment Weekly about how she and Marc make their relationship work. Here's more: [2]

"Marc and I are good partners," Lopez tells Entertainment Weekly magazine in its April 6 issue. "We love each other. We want to be the best person we can be for each other. And we work on that. That's what a real relationship is about to me."

"When we got married, I was like, `I've been working for I don't know how many years at (a high) level of intensity and exposure," Lopez says. "I'm going to get back to what originally drew me to expressing myself as a creative person."

We certainly like Jennifer more since she took some time out of the spotlight. Bennifer J-Lo was a bit overexposed. Now, with the release of Como Ama Una Mujer, we finally get to see the result of her return to creative expression, too.

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