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JT & Cameron Are Still (Just) Surf Buddies

JT & Cameron Are Still (Just) Surf Buddies

A gorgeous looking Cameron was in chilly New York this weekend, but it sounds like she had some sunny California days, with an unlikely companion, before her visit east. Despite those old rumors of public outbursts and crazy jealousy, there doesn't seem to be any bad blood between JT and Cammie. Apparently, the former couple was spotted hanging out at the Whisky Bar in LA and surfing together in Malibu. Interesting.

Though this is the second time these two have been spotted at Whisky Bar together since their split, we don't think this calls for reunion rumors just yet. Justin and Cameron did date for over 3 years, so what's a couple of drinks and waves between friends? On the other hand - if there are any reports of "canoodling," "vibing," or "getting cozy," we'll be sure to let you know.





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