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Jake Is All About Collaboration, Not Perfectionism

We missed Jake at the Oscars last night, but luckily we won't have to wait much longer to see him on the big screen again. Jake was in NYC last night visiting David Letterman to promote his new movie, Zodiac, which opens on Friday. While the film is already receiving acclaim, it seems that director David Fincher was very demanding of his cast. Jake recently spoke out about his frustration with Fincher's need to excessively shoot certain scenes. Here's more:

Mr. Gyllenhaal said he came from a collaborative filmmaking family: “We share ideas, and we incorporate those ideas.” He added: “David knows what he wants, and he’s very clear about what he wants, and he’s very, very, very smart. But sometimes we’d do a lot of takes, and he’d turn, and he would say, because he had a computer there” — the movie was shot digitally — “ ‘Delete the last 10 takes.’ And as an actor that’s very hard to hear.”

And he noted that other members of the “Zodiac” cast had far more experience, adding: “I wish I could’ve had the maturity to be like: ‘I know what he wants. He wants the best out of me.’ ”

Poor Jakey G. Even though he sounds a bit whiny in this article, we still feel for the guy. We can't wait to see if all his hard work pays off at the box office this weekend. In the meantime, to enjoy more yummy pics of Jake looking dapper in his grey suit just read more












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