Jake Gyllenhaal Eats Lunch at LA's Angelini Osteria

Jake Breaks Out His Spring Staples For a Lunch

Jake met a friend for lunch in LA.

Jake Gyllenhaal joined a friend for lunch yesterday at LA's Angelini Osteria restaurant. Jake's been spotted all over Hollywood in recent days following his appearance at Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony. He had the honor of presenting best film nominee My Week With Marilyn, which stars his friend, and best actress winner, Michelle Williams.

Jake seems to be enjoying the sunny California weather, but January often sees him bundling up in Utah. He's been a regular among the celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival in years past, having premiered films like Donnie Darko and The Good Girl there. Jake doesn't have movies to screen this year, but his next picture to hit the big screen is cop drama End of Watch with Michael Pena and Anna Kendrick.

Source: NPG