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Jake's Latest Dates

Jake's Latest Dates

TMZ is reporting about Jake's date with his good friend Austin (as seen here biking with him this weekend). Apparently Jake visited him on the set of Austin's HBO pilot, John from Cincinnati. The two spent most of their time in Austin's trailer. We know these boys have a lot in common but we'd rather focus on the other dates Jake has been having with one of our favorite actresses. Apparently Reese is quite the go-getter. Word is she was the one to go after Jake. We have been hearing a web of rumors and this weekend US Weekly is reporting that the two month courtship has turned into a "definite romance." Here's more:

“Reese was the pursuer and really wanted to date Jake,” says a pal of the Oscar winner, who costars with her new beau in the just-wrapped drama Rendition.

“She’s known him for a while and thought he was intelligent and charming.”

And the feeling is definitely mutual. “Jake doesn’t want a party girl at all,” says a Gyllenhaal pal, who says the relationship blossomed over DVD and takeout nights at home and long talks about movies.

Apparently Jake being a family man and all as an uncle and godfather (to Heath and Michelle's Matilda) he is a great pick for Reese. Yet this doesn't mean we don't want to see more pics of Jake and Austin. This duo is very appealing as well. To see more pics of the boys in spandex just read more





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