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Jake Wants To Try Showing You The Funny (You Know, as Long as You Forget His First Attempt)

It's no secret that Jakey G is a great actor and takes his job very seriously, but we can't help but dream about the day when we can see him in a lighter role (and maybe with some romantic scenes that exist outside of our heads, please). His two upcoming movies, Rendition and Zodiac, are serious roles as well and while these more serious flicks are sure to showcase his superior acting talents, Jake admits that he wouldn't mind getting into comedy. Here's more:

Funny, when you asked that before, I thought of humor as the way I wanted things to go - because so many of the things I've done have been serious. Humor has been a part of myself that I haven't acknowledged in my work.

Oh really, Jake? We seem to remember a little film called Bubble Boy that certainly showcased a comedic side (if you can really even call that a comedy). Don't try to pull a fast one on us and claim you've never tried funny.

However it would be nice to see him take another stab at a funny movie. We know he's got it in him to be hilarious. Until then, we'll continue drooling over his latest GQ spread!








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