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Jamie Lynn Spears and Lynne Spears Break Out Bikinis to Chill Poolside With the Kids!

Jul 15 2011 - 2:36pm

The extended Spears family hit the pool at the Four Seasons in Houston yesterday while Britney was off prepping for a show on her Femme Fatale tour. Her sister, Jamie Lynn, threw on a bikini to swim with her toddler, Maddie, while Grandma Lynne Spears was in a swimsuit [1], showing off her amazing figure in the water with Jayden James and Sean Preston. Jason Trawick even stepped out to say hello to the gang, though he wasn't dressed for swimming in a pair of sneakers and a knit cap. Britney and Jamie Lynn's dad, Jamie, emerged to sit on deck chairs and eat with the family, too. It seems Britney's nearest and dearest have been able to join her for the southern leg of her travels. The Spears were soon off to New Orleans for Britney's next show. There weather in her home state of Louisiana wasn't as nice, since Britney tweeted about it being a rainy day. That didn't stop Jamie Lynn from heading out to shop, and she shared a photo with her Twitter followers of a funny shirt she spotted. Britney has today off, and then it's back to California for a show tomorrow in Sacramento.

Jamie Lynn Spears [2] plays in a pool with Jayden James Federline.

Lynne Spears in a swimsuit.

Jamie Lynn Spears [3] swims with her nephew.

Lynne Spears by the pool.

Jamie Lynn Spears [4] teaches Maddie Aldridge to swim.

Jamie Lynn Spears [5] in a bikini.

Jamie Lynn Spears [6] in a bikini with Maddie Aldridge and Lynne Spears.

Sean Preston and Jayden James swim with grandma Lynne Spears.

Lynne Spears in a swimsuit with bikini-clad Jamie Lynn Spears [7].

Lynne Spears in a bikini at the Houston Four Seasons.

Jamie Lynn Spears [8] in a bikini with nephew Jayden James Spears Federline.

Jamie Lynn Spears [9] and Lynne Spears eat by the pool.

Bikini-clad Jamie Lynn Spears [10] teaches daughter Maddie to swim.

Jamie Lynn Spears [11] walks by the Four Season's pool in her bikini.

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