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Jared Leto, Harrison Ford, and Oscars Pizza Makes For One Awesome Story

Jared Leto [1] didn't get much (if any!) sleep last night, but that didn't stop him from glowing when he showed up for Ellen Degeneres [2]'s post-Oscars show today. Jared brought his little gold man along and joked about going to bed with him last night, though bed wasn't much on his mind since he partied until dawn alongside his mom. Jared looked like he had a blast at Vanity Fair [3] before taking his lucisous locks [4] to Madonna [5]'s bash where he says a highlight was seeing his mom dance with the queen of pop herself. Jared also shared a funny story about seeing idol Harrison Ford [6] having a bit of a mishap at the Oscars pizza party [7]. Watch Jared's sweet interview with Ellen!

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