Jason Segel and Michelle Williams Walking With Matilda

Michelle Williams Returns to NYC, Jason, and Matilda

Jason Segel, Michelle Williams, and Matilda Ledger walked in Brooklyn.

Michelle Williams was back in NYC Saturday evening to spend time with her daughter, Matilda Ledger, and her boyfriend, Jason Segel. The trio went to see a matinee of Jersey Boys in Manhattan, then did a bit of shopping before returning to their Brooklyn home. Yesterday, they were out again for breakfast. Jason, Matilda, and Michelle also fit in a walk by the water during the hot and sunny morning. Michelle was off in San Diego for a few days last week to talk about her movie Oz: The Great and Powerful at Comic-Con. We caught a few seconds with Michelle at Comic-Con to get the scoop on her retelling of the classic Wizard of Oz movie. While Michelle was away, Jason and Matilda hung out. They were seen taking walks not far from home, and also getting breakfast in the neighborhood of Red Hook Saturday.