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Jeff Goldblum Gets to Work on Glee With Lea Michele and Cory Monteith

Jan 20 2012 - 10:59am

Lea Michele [1] and Cory Monteith [2] were back on the LA set of Glee to film the Valentine's Day episode with a special guest yesterday. Jeff Goldblum will star on Glee [3] along with Brian Stokes Mitchell as the dads of Lea's character, Rachel Berry. Lea tweeted a family photo of her onscreen father figures yesterday between scenes. She arrived on the set in a black dress but quickly changed into a flirty floral to shoot. Her fashion choices have been getting extra attention recently thanks to her award season cameos. It seems Lea Michele loves Marchesa [4], as she wore the label to both the People's Choice Awards and the Golden Globes.

Lea Michele [5] arrived on set in a sexy little black dress.

Lea Michele [6] walked onto set in high heels.

Lea Michele [7] swapped her LBD for sweet Spring florals.

Lea Michele [8] put on a floral-print dress to film Glee.

Lea Michele [9] put a red belt around her floral-print dress.

Lea Michele [10] topped off her floral-print dress with red flats and a red belt on the set of Glee.

Cory Monteith [11] and Lea Michele [12] walked to the set of Glee together.

Jeff Goldblum made his debut as one of Rachel Berry's dads on the Glee set.

Jeff Goldblum was in a purple sweater for Glee.

Jeff Goldblum and Cory Monteith [13] were together on the set of Glee.

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