Jen got a little more girlie than usual the other day while grabbing lunch with a friend in Brentwood. In the photoshoot for the April issue of Allure, she certainly let the magazine dress her up. In real life, when she's not in down to earth mommy mode she'd rather let someone else choose her clothes, too. Here's more:

"I wish I could wear a uniform every day," she says. "I like other people's fashion and sense of style. And when I'm put together, like this whole outfit today, I'm so pleased with it, although I had nothing to do with it." For the past several years she's has worked with Rachel Zoe...which saves her the trouble and tedium of shopping. "I am not going to go to store after store and look through the racks. And I've never been to a fashion show."

Well, we certainly love shopping, but it must be nice to have someone to do it for you sometimes. Of course, having her checking account wouldn't hurt either. More pics of Jen so just read more