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Jennifer's Allured by Ben

Mar 29 2007 - 2:26pm

Jennifer puts a spin on the modern woman in the pages of April's Allure by marrying housewife with black vinyl and stainless steel (and a robot). She says however, that things at home with Ben and Violet aren't exactly glamorous. She's always maintained an everyday girl image and seems as if she's a little taken aback by her celebrity status. As for being married to Ben, she still doesn't really know how that happened either. Here's more: [1]


"He was a really fun partner in crime but I didn't take him seriously, and he didn't take me seriously," she says. "We just made fun of each other and got each other through a hard movie, but it was not leaning toward romance in any way. Then he went through all this stuff in his life, I went through all this stuff in my life, and we would talk every six months: 'Oh, how are you?' Then I was doing the follow-up to Daredevil, and the producer said, 'Will you call Ben and ask him if he'll do a cameo?' And so I called him, and we spent this day doing this cameo, and I was kind of like-Oh! We were both single. And we started emailing. It was very gradual. And surprising. And even now talking about it, I'm surprised."

They do seem like a natural fit together. At least much more so than the original Bennifer. Along with more about Ben, Jennifer discusses how it was hard to lose weight after having Violet but based on these pics you'd never know she had a problem getting back into shape.

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