Jennifer Aniston and Boyfriend Justin Theroux Pictures in Rainy NYC

Justin Theroux Helps Shield Jennifer Aniston From the Rain

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux walk in NYC.

Justin Theroux helped shield Jennifer Aniston from the rain as they left their NYC place today. The couple were out on their latest errand-running adventure since touching down in the Big Apple last week. They spent their weekend together, dining out, taking walks, and enjoying the beginning of Fall in the city. Work, though, will soon be keeping Jennifer busy. She's set to do press for her upcoming Lifetime project Five ahead of its debut on the network on Monday, Oct. 10. Jen's clearly focused on her filmmaking and her man Justin, while her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, is trying to clear up some statements he recently made about their marriage. After kicking up controversy by calling the '90s, when he and Jen were married, dull, Brad further clarified his Aniston comments. He said at yesterday's Oakland premiere of Moneyball, "That was never my intention for it to be spun that way. People read things into it that just weren't there."


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