Jennifer Aniston's Golden Globe Legs Photos 2010-01-18 09:25:00

Jennifer Aniston Slits It Up at the Golden Globe Awards

Jennifer Aniston gave everyone quite an eyeful of her perfectly toned legs last night thanks to the high slit in her Valentino gown at the Golden Globes — what can we say, we couldn't help but highlight her one more time! Plus, looking through all the photos is so fun and perhaps a little New Year's Resolution motivation. During the show she was spotted grabbing a drink with Courteney, and back in the press room, Gerard Butler understandably couldn't keep his eyes off Jen. She may not have been up for an award but still had her share of gold between her tousled hair and sun-kissed body. The Bounty costars got playful in the press room, which could account for Gerard's jokes about what a great time he had. While we do hope that someday it's Jennifer's turn back in the winners' circle, her playful presenting style and last night's leggy number earn her a special shoutout from us.

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Source: Getty