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Jennifer and Justin Have a Big Apple Day While She Makes Big Plans

May 13 2013 - 9:55am

Jennifer Aniston [1] and Justin Theroux went shopping together at Barneys in NYC yesterday. On Saturday night, before their shopping trip, the couple dropped by Nobu, where Jennifer donned her new hipster glasses [2], and Justin kept warm in a green jacket. Jennifer is in the Big Apple to tend to promotional duties for her new Living Proof web series, Good Hair Day. While doing press for the new series, Jennifer's longtime friend and stylist Chris McMillan caused a bit of controversy when he revealed that he was stoned when he created the "Rachel" [3] cut back in 1994. However, he noted that he has been 14 years sober so he "feels safe" admitting to his secret now.

Jennifer and Justin have been reportedly busy planning their upcoming wedding [4]. The two were allegedly supposed to get hitched back in the Spring, but the date got pushed back. Aside from her nuptials, Jennifer has another big goal on the horizon — she wants to direct. She said in an interview that she hopes to direct a full-length feature within the next five years.

Jennifer Aniston [5] went shopping with Justin Theroux.

Jennifer Aniston [6] and Justin Theroux held hands in NYC.

Jennifer Aniston [7] and Justin Theroux exited Nobu.

Jennifer Aniston [8] wore her new glasses to dinner.

Justin Theroux wore a green jacket.

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