Jennifer Aniston Launches Living Proof Web Series

Jennifer Aniston Talks "What Not to Do" With Hair

Jennifer Aniston Talks "What Not to Do" With Hair

Jennifer Aniston stepped out in NYC to launch her new Living Proof web series, Good Hair Day, yesterday. She's a spokesperson for — and an investor in — the brand and is taking her duties to the next level with her three-part web series, in which she joins experts, including her hairstylist Chris McMillan, and real-life women on the street to talk hair. In a teaser video for the series, Jennifer explains why the cause is important to her, stating, "Good hair days matter to women because . . . we're women." The first episode, "Obsessions," airs today with two more, titled "Confessions" and "Lessons," being released later this month.

We caught up with Jen and Chris at yesterday's press day. During our chat with Jen, she reflected on what she's learned about hair over the years. She said, "I had great hair as a kid, and my mom said, 'You're not allowed to touch your hair until you're 13,' and the first thing I did was cut it all off. I learned that my hair really was a pain in the butt — sort of wide and unmanageable. I learned all my lessons in my younger years of what not to do." Read the entirety of POPSUGAR's Jennifer Aniston interview!

— Additional reporting by Jessica Cruel