Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Angelina in Vogue

Jennifer Dodges Rumors and Opens Up About Angelina

Jennifer Aniston ducked out of a medical center in LA yesterday with a lollipop in her mouth. She tried not to be seen, but the visit will surely keep people whispering about those pregnancy rumors. On Friday, Jennifer made a trip to the Ivy, which some people think was a stunt to show off her very flat stomach. Instead she was apparently meeting a chef and caterers to sign a deal on a project she's working on to bring health and nutrition to schools. People might not always have the best assumptions about Jennifer, but she continues to do good behind the scenes. The attention will be shifted off baby rumors soon enough when Jennifer's bikini-clad December Vogue hits stands and includes her opening up about Angelina's "uncool" actions. Sounds like all those old emotions will be rehashed again when the magazine hits stands.

Splash News Online and Henry Flores/David Aguilera/BuzzFoto