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Jennifer Aniston Talks Birthdays and Hair Care During a Break From Work

Feb 13 2013 - 1:17pm

Jennifer Aniston covered up her blond hair [1] in a hat for another afternoon of filming in Stamford, CT, yesterday. The actress bundled up in a coat to keep warm between scenes opposite her costar John Hawkes. She's been on the East Coast working on the still-untitled thriller since the beginning of the month, when she was first spotted on set, and she was back in front of the cameras Monday despite it being her 44th birthday. Jennifer said of her birthday plans [2], "Wasn't it just my birthday? I have like windburn from this year. I'll just be working. I know that I have a 5:30 a.m. pickup, but that's not bad. I'm lucky; I'm very happy to be working!"

Another project keeping Jen busy is her work with Living Proof hair care. In an interview with WWD, Jen talked about Living Proof [3]. She said she needs to be a part of the brand, commenting, "It's nice when you feel like you're a part of something that will make people's day a little better. When I'm into something, I love sharing it with other people, whether it's a face product, a great pair of jeans or shampoo, I'd be talking about this even if I wasn't involved, because for me and a lot of girls, [hair] is a big deal."

Jennifer Aniston [4] smiled between takes on Tuesday.

Jennifer Aniston [5] carried food on set.

Jennifer Aniston [6] wore a blond wig on set in Stamford, CT.

Jennifer Aniston [7] wore a white hat over her blond wig on set.

Jennifer Aniston [8] covered her blond wig with a white cap on set in Stamford, CT.

Jennifer Aniston [9] wore a white beret over her blond wig on set.

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