Jennifer Aniston Wearing Shorts Pictures

Jennifer Aniston Sports Short Shorts on Set

Jennifer Aniston took a walk on the set of We're the Millers.

Jennifer Aniston arrived to the Wilmington, NC, set of We're The Millers in very short shorts and a simple white tank top yesterday. The Summer look is classic Jennifer, who is forever the quintessential t-shirt and jeans girl. When it came time to film, however, Jennifer was back in her character's more conservative wardrobe, once again consisting of capri-length khakis and a sleeveless button-down shirt. Jennifer has been in North Carolina working on the film for the past few weeks alongside costars Jason Sudeikis, Emma Stone, and Kathryn Hahn. In the movie Jennifer plays a prostitute who agrees to pose as Jason Sudeikis's character's wife to help him smuggle drugs into the country.

While Jennifer is off working, her man is currently cleaning up in our 2012 Shirtless Bracket. Justin Theroux's amazing six-pack has him currently in 11th place overall, though it may be hard to unseat the current frontrunner: Robert Pattinson.


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