She's still not talking about her pregnancy, but Jennifer Lopez did open up to Allure magazine about tabloids, her family and career. J Lo graces the cover of the November issue to promote her upcoming album Brave and a film she has in production, called Love and Other Impossible Pursuits where a woman desperate for children accepts her fate as a stepmother — a plot perhaps mirroring her own relationship to Marc's three children? Here's more:

  • Jennifer on not wanting to be in the tabloids: “I know how uncomfortable that life is, how destructive. That’s why you see people crumble under the pressure,” Lopez says, kicking her feet up on a swivel chair. “It’s a tricky thing, the tabloids. I know that a lot of people read them, and they gauge who’s hot and who’s not by who is on the cover.” Her voice going flat, she adds: “If that’s what being hot is right now, I don’t want to be that.”
  • Jennifer on self esteem: "I can do anything. Just get me in the room; do me a favor. Then I’ll make it happen on my own,’” Lopez says. “It’s not that you get every audition, but you make fans along the way.”
  • Jennifer on looking back: “I wouldn’t change anything,” she adds, “because it was so fun. Even when things were hard, even if I’d be crying in the bathtub because I didn’t get an audition, or a boyfriend was being mean to me, I had my presence of mind. Whatever it was, I always used to say” —in a whisper— “‘This is my life.’”
  • With a life like J Lo's, it's hard to imagine there is much room for regret among all of her success. And pregnant or not, she appears to be in a great place in her life with Marc and her many, many projects.

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