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Jennifer Garner Resumes Her School-Day Routine While Ben Considers a Political Role

Jennifer Garner chatted on the phone.

Jennifer Garner chatted on the phone in Santa Monica yesterday leaving an appointment. She's been quick to jump back into her weekday routine following the February birth of her first son, Samuel. Samuel's famous parents have yet to release any photos of their new addition, however, Ben has been sharing pics from his upcoming feature, Argo, on his Facebook page. Ben directs and acts in the '70s CIA thriller, but he's eyeing a new gig that will place him solely in front of the cameras. Ben's reportedly being considered for Nathan Decker after the movie's previous lead, Tom Cruise, dropped out. He hasn't confirmed the role but if he lands the part we could see him play a disgraced politician who deals with the consequences of an affair.

Source: FameFlynet

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